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The Cinema RIF, a beautiful 1940’s building stands at the top of the Grand Socco square in Tangiers,  Morocco. The cinema today boasts Bollywood B-movies which fail to attract locals.

The new architectural proposal leads to the design of a building that is driven by its role as an interface: experientially (relative to time), functionally (relative to its use), geographically (relative to its site), socially (relative to its social and cultural context) etc.

The new program proposes a School of Film Studies will greatly contribute to the ambitions of the cinema RIF, to “introduce Moroccans to national and international cinema”. Moreover, as the Grand Socco gives a great opportunity for setting a public cinema, a projection on a water screen will take place, featuring students work. This water screen is the interface between the building and the city.

‘Cinema RIF - School of Film Studies’

Tangiers, Morocco, 2008