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The ‘ecstasy’ project was developed as part of the ‘Sweet Architecture Workshop’, organised by XAtelier and took place at the Museum Benaki in Athens, in December 2012.

The main interest of this study was to translate the mental state of being in ecstasy into a new architectural space.

The initial research focused on patterns found in nature, in organic forms along with the micro scale of foods, their colours and shapes.

Ecstasy can be seen as a sweet. Apart from the taste, architectural information can be extracted from sweets, as their layers, the structure and their texture. But ecstasy can also be seen as an architectural living space.

The design proposes a pavilion which is set at the desert, and it’s architecture has been perceived as a recipe where different ingredients blend together. These are the ground, an exterior and an interior structure, the main mass and circulation paths.

The drawings explore ‘ecstasy’ as an architectural space. By varying the scale of the design, a potential growth can be achieved, where we are moving from a pavilion scale to a building scale and then to an urban scale.

The  animation presents ‘ecstasy’ as a pastry.

‘Sweet Architecture Workshop’

 Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece 2012

Ecstasy Animation