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>ice skating centre

The aim of this project was to translate the technique of a ‘cut’ as used in cinematography for editing two scenes, into an architectural design proposal.

The site that this architectural cut takes place is an Old Cold Wharehouse, the Chamber’s Wharf, in the South East London, by the river Thames. The Cold Wharehouse is a big, disserted building, made of brick and reinforced concrete. It was used for storing food products.

Moreover, back in 1814, the river froze and the “Thames Ice Fair” event took place at the area.

This project proposes a “match-cut” at the Cold Stores: the ice theme has been kept the same and a new function is propposed: an Ice Skating Centre.

The new design has three ice rings set on different levels within the interior of the building. There are also small seating capsules taken slightly out of the facade.

‘Ice Skating Centre’

Bermondsay, London, 2006