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The aim of this research was to investigate the work of both Frei Otto and Buckminster Fuller in order to understand their design principles, which include methods of form development, study models, as well as an understanding of nature.

Ecological consciousness -to protect not only man, but life as a whole- is a novelty in the area of architecture. In this regard, the knowledge of objective evolution of forms in all areas of nature, technology and art plays an important role.

both for architects and engineers a new way of thinking is re­quired, especially in the field of ecology oriented towards en­ergy, that is, in the effort to save material and energy, to care for the environment, and to optimise construction.

From their early work on, Otto and Fuller considered the principle of light­weight construction as a way of building with a minimum con­sumption of material, energetic and economic means. From their perspectives, the tents, the cable nets, the pneumatic structures and other types of structures, provided their with a means to reach their objectives.

‘A Research Document on Frei Otto’s and Buckminster Fuller’s Architecture’, 2011