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In August 2013, two of the design projects from DS10 (University of Westminster) studio were built at the Burning Man festival. These were the ‘Fractal Cult’ and ‘Shipwreck’. The design of the projects was developed in the studio and a team of 18 members travelled to the Black Rock City at the Nevada desert to construct the two pavilions on site. Being part of the team required to survive at the desert and build the two projects on time for an event with 68.000 participants.

Team: Toby Burgess and Arthur Mamou-Mani (Project Directors), Thanasis Korras (Designer of Fractal Cult), Georgia Rose Collard-Watson (Designer of Shipwreck), Jessica Beagleman (Food & Meals), Natasha Coutts (Camp and Rentals), Sarah Shuttlesworth, Andy Rixson,  Luka Kreze, Tim Strnad, Philippos Philippidis, Nataly Matathias, Marina Karamali, Harikleia Karamali, Antony Joury, Emma Whitehead,  Jo Cook, Caitlin Hudson, Dan Dodds and Chris Ingram.

‘Fractal Cult’ & ‘Shipwreck’

Burning Man, Nevada, USA 2013

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