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Architectural proposal for a Public Park in Latsia, Cyprus, as part of an international architectural competition. The entry received the 4th award.

The program includes an athletic centre with basketball and tennis courts, a playground for kids, an observatory centre, a cafe/restaurant with an attached open air cinema and a main research centre for local plants. The research centre will also have the opportunity to host educational programs and exhibitions. A special planting area is provided to grow local plants and herbs. Moreover, performances and concerts will take place at the open air theater.

The aim of the project is to connect the two neighbourhoods of the area and to create a green zone that will be easily accessible both by cars and pedestrians and will bring life to Latsia city.

The routes within the park have been consciously developed to enable views to the projected horizon and cool seating areas during hot summer time. For this reason local plants are used to cover the whole park area and water -found at the existing well within the park- is used to cover a large surface next to the cafe / restaurant.

‘Public Park Architectural Competition’

In collaboration with Orfanou-Mavridis architects

Latsia, Cyprus, 2012

Bench Design