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The Greek Time-Bank organisation was founded during the summer of 2011. During that time, citizens had flooded the main squares of Greek cities in order to express their opposition to policies implemented by the government regarding the handling of the economic crisis.

The aim of the Time-Bank organisation is to make people assume greater responsibility for their lives by being able to participate and interact more closely with their immediate community on equal terms and with direct and democratic procedures. The organisation is interested in finding alternative ways of organising the economy. After exchanging views and knowledge, the members of the organisation have managed to set up the time-exchange.gr website, a network of non-financial exchange of services. The transactional unit for them is time.

This project proposes a self-built and low cost scheme for the setting-up of the ‘headquarters’ of the Greek Time-Bank organisation. At the moment the main platform for communication is the web page of the organisation, and meetings are taking place in public squares and cafes.

The headquarters include facilities for the administration offices, the weekly assemblies and the exchange f services. Moreover, there is a restaurant-bar for members, an open-air  theatre for talks and presentations and an area that can host parties and concerts.

‘Time-Bank Headquarters’

Athens, Greece, 2012