Apartment at Lycabetus Hill

Interior Design – Renovation


Our design intention for this apartment project at Lycabetus Hill was to make a solid combination between the existing elements of the house that merit to be preserved and the requirements of the new occupants.

The apparent emphasis on the bookshelves that wrap the main spaces of the house is a result on the affection of the owners to reading. Those are deployed in three spaces: the entrance hall, the living room and the office space. As all those three spaces are next to each other, our aim was to develop a coherency between the designs of the bookshelves but at the same time to create slight distinctions between them. The aim was to avoid repetition by keeping the same design principles. Our second ambition was to find a fine balance between the old wooden floor and the new shelving system. The fine combination between the vertical columns and the shelves, in relation to the old square patterned wooden floor, led to a homey atmosphere with a contemporary feel.

Custom made furniture was also design and fabricated by IMMMO Architects, in order to match with the aesthetics of the space. The office table was developed as such, and was combined product chairs and lighting features.

For the three bathrooms we continued our quest of creating fresh spaces, coherent with the rest of the house. Tiles with traditional patterns were used, combined with minimal lines. This fusion strongly refers to the original construction era of the building enriched with a contemporary feel.


Architectural Design: IMMMO Architects

Contractor: IMMMO Architects

Project status: completed

Date: April 2017

Photography: Anastasia Siomou